Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rocky Mountain News Closes

A.) What was the article about?
The article was about how the Rocky Mountain Newspaper was closing due to financial hardships. It was almost 150 years old, just two months short of that milestone, when it was slated for closure. The Post was its competitor and the story told about how through the years the competition between the papers has helped to make them both better and available for cheaper prices. The Rocky was the winner of many different awards, and there is a genuine sadness that accompanies its closing. Through the Youtube video, the article, and the small articles written by former journalists of the paper it is easily shown that this is a sad moment.

B.) How does all of this apply to the profession of journalism, our class, and more importantly, to the future of journalism in this country on the whole?
This applies to our class because we have talked about how journalism is a dying art form, which is truly very sad. I personally hope that this can change and people will discover the importance of good journalism once again. A paper closing is very sad especially with the economy like it is, where hundreds of people will be losing their jobs as a result of the closure, but also for the readers who will have to buy the other paper, but now for higher prices because there will no longer be competition. The future of journalism isnt looking bright at the current moment, but hopefully it will continue to prosper and continue the legacy that began at the beginning of our country, to inform and enlighten citizens.

C.)What questions are you left with?
The questions that I am left with are how exactly does a newspaper go bankrupt and what were they talking about with people buying it? I dont understand why someone would want to buy something that was in debt and is no longer around to bring in revenue. Also what will happen to the city of Denver if the Post ends up closing as well? It is apparently in a lot of financial instability as well. I think that would be very depressing, and just plain odd to have a town without a newspaper.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fallen Soldiers, Coming Home In Public

A. What is the article about?

The article is about the debate between allowing pictures of the coffins returning from the war to be taken and put out to the public. President Obama is now in the works of figuring out this decision. It is said that the photo ban was placed out of respect for families who want privacy to see their loved ones without a lot of press around. Others say that it is just a ploy to not let Americans be overtly affected by seeing pictures of so many coffins, which may draw an increased opposition to the war. In any case, this ban may soon be lifted.

B. What do you think about the material/information in this article? How does it seem to fit with our journalism class?

I think that the lift of the ban is opening up a new side of the war that many Americans haven't seen in a long while. It will be good for the country to be able to see that this war is having effects. Many people are forgetting how much this war impacts our country and its families, so this is a good way to get people informed again. This fits in well with our journalism class because our own newspaper is somewhat censored just as those pictures previously were.

C. What questions are you left with? What kind of articles in journalism would you like to read next?

The questions I am left with are how do the people how are related to the deceased feel about the lifting of the ban? Who decided that this ban could be lifted and how many people did they have to go through to go to get the permission? How photos were taken while the ban was on and will they now be open to the public, or do all the pictures released have to be new?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Student Editors

A. What is the article about?

The article is about a group of students who wrote for their school newspaper and wanted to include a story about one of the teachers who was possibly involved in texting students. When the students wanted to print the story the principal wouldnt allow them too. The students would not give up and went to the local newspaper which would not get in trouble for the printing of the story.

B. What do you think about the information/material in this article? How does it seem to fit with our journalism class?

I think this article is extremely relevant to our journalism class because we have to let our principal view our articles before we can put them into print. I think that it was strange how the students didnt think it was fair that the principal should have a say in the subject matter of the articles, because yes they are student publications, but the principal doesnt want something that will be harmful to other people circulating around the school. Also, since the formal investigation wasnt completely finished the article could have had false information and make students believe things that werent entirely true about this certain teacher.

C. What questions are you left with? What kinds of articles in journalism would you like to read next?

The questions I am left with are does the principal now view every article before it is printed? What did the kids parents think after their kids went to such length to get this article out there? How do students in the school respond to and act around this accused teacher?
I would like to read more articles like this one that go hand in hand with things we have learned in our journalism class.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Shrine For a Friend Who Made a Starbucks a Village

A.) The article is about a man who visited the local Starbucks every day and made a huge impact on the other customers there. He was apparently homeless and the aritcle talked about how after his death customers came in a created a memorial for him on the chair he always used. The article shows how through his everyday acts of kindness to everyone, just by talking to them he changed thier lives, and they wished they could have done more for him.

B.) I think this article is really touching and it shows that there are certain people in this world that seem insignificant but once you get to know them and once they are gone you realize just how important they were to you, and how much they affected your life in a positive way. The way the article is written using a lot of quotes applies to our journalism class because Mr. Ayer is always telling us how important quotes are and from a multitude of different sources. It also shows that by the way you write something it can make people view it in a certain way. If the article had been written in a different way, then it might have made people think he was just a bum that came into the store every day and bugged people. But because of how it was written it caused readers to view the man as very nice and showed that he had a positive impact on these people, and helped bring them together.

C.)The questions that I am left with are will the chair stay in the store forever? What does the family of the man think of this article and situation? How did he come to be homeless if it talks about his previous family? The kinds of articles I would like to read next are either human interest pieces or straight up news. That way we can see different ways to write articles that can keep readers interested and work on figuring out new ways to write our journalism articles.